Project Credits

Huge thanks to the following for without, this project would never of happened.

  • Libor – The star and talent of the NoirRPG plugin.
  • Josh | FruitBytes – Thank you for once again sponsoring Noirland and helping with the website.
  • #BlameZeph – If the server doesn’t burn down, we all owe you big thanks!
  • Zielra – seriously love you dude.
  • Magmaflo – Thank you for being the voice of reason.
  • Marge – thanks for helping dev more of NoirRPG to life.
  • Brittany – You are wonderful, thank you for all the server art.
  • Vicing AKA Izzy – One of the most talented builders, period.
  • Grim – Plastic Beach for life babe.
  • Kickstarter Backers – Without you guys, none of this would be possible.
  • Build Team – Thank you to those who helped prepare the map.
  • Beta players – Thank you for helping test the experience.
  • Server Owners – Thank you to all the previous server owners that helped make this community what it is today.
  • EVERYONE – Thank you to everyone that plays and enjoys this experience, this is for you.