About NoirRPG

The Story

150 years in the future from the previous Noirland experience, NoirRPG sees that world return. A world abandoned and nature slowly reclaiming what is rightfully hers.

Confident the enigmatic infection has subsided, Noirlanders return from their deep-space journey to start life anew after a perilous mission to find a new home amongst the stars failed.

Safely aboard the Ark and awakening from cryosleep, Noirlanders begin to make their preparations for the first team to touch down on the planet surface and establish a colony.

With everyone aboard eager to disembark from the confines of their quarters on the Ark, a raffle is drawn to determine who goes first.

Your name is drawn. Maybe it would of been safer to stay…

Trading / The XP System

Trading is the heart of this experience. We’ve taken the vanilla Minecraft experience and turned it into a true test of survival as a community.

In short, players are restricted from performing actions, such as crafting, placing, using and mining. Players must earn enough experience (XP) to level up and unlock actions and recipes the higher the level they obtain.

This unique experience creates a heavy reliance on team-work and trade. Instead of players being able to be self-sufficient after a very short duration in a vanilla play-through, it is unrealistic that an individual will be able to level up in all the different aspects of the game in NoirRPG which creates a reliance on those around them.

With all actions and items in the game divided into different working professions, players can specialise in different professions and sell their services to the community.

The best example of this is the trusty diamond pickaxe. A high level Miner is required to fetch the raw diamonds from below. A high level Blacksmith is required to forge those diamonds into a pickaxe. Finally, you will need a high level Alchemist to enchant the pickaxe.

This process can be optimised by players working together to specialise in different professions to support each other or it encourages a new level of trading for players to survive.


No RPG is complete without exploration and NoirRPG is no exception. Lost treasures and remnants of a previous era remain in the world, waiting for players to explore. Complete with a hidden quest line that will take players.

Just be careful not to stray too far from home, the dangers that lurk in the world increase in power and torment the further out you explore. You will need to be a high level and heavily equipped in a group to survive the outer areas of the map.

Community Driven

Breaking immersion is unacceptable for NoirRPG. This experience can’t work if some players have power over others or priviledges that give them an advantage.

Therefore there will be no admins, no server owners and no one with any special perks. Everyone is 100% equal and it will stay that way, forever.

The only exception is my (Dark) access to the console, this will be solely to ensure the server is running as needed and a special trial can be called if anyone is caught of exploitation, cheating or disturbing the peace. Their fate will then be in your hands.

Your place in the world

Your Permissions

Command Alt Comments
/spawn For the first week, players will be able to use /spawn to return to the marketplace to sell items whilst the economy injection is active. We strongly recommend you read about the injection down in the economy area below.
/sethome <Name of Home> /home <Name of Home>
/delhome <Name of Home>
Players can set 1 home in the world. This is where you will respawn if you die. There is a 2 minute cooldown after using /home.
/back You can return to your place of death for a short period of time but the cmd will go on cooldown for 2 minutes to prevent abuse.
/tp DISABLED You cannot teleport to another players location. This is to prevent economy exploitation and is a small price to pay for a healthy, long-lasting experience.
/list /seen <Username> Retrieve a list of online players or use /seen to see when a specific player was last online.
/mail /mail send <Username> <Message>
/mail clear
Read, send and delete mail to and from other players regardless of if they are online or not.
/msg <Username> <Message> /w /tell /r Private message another player (There are no admins snooping on your conversations) with /w, /tell or /msg. Quickly reply with /r.
/me <Message> Do you crave that extra attention, enjoy RP or simply want to get voted to jail for abusing it? Speak in third person using the /me command!
/ignore <Username> /unignore <Username> Is someone annoying you? You can ignore then completely and forget they exist!
Chat You can use format your chat, use colour and paste links but be warned as any trolling or malicious intent will see you potentially jailed or /banned via community trial.
/ping Think you or the server is lagging? Instead of complaining in chat, simply type /ping. If you see “Pong!” straight away, it tells you everything is working just fine!
/afk Players will be marked as “AFK” after 10 minutes of inactivity. During this state, you are unable to interact with the world or pick up items. Simply hit a block or type /afk to remove the status. Players may be automatically kicked from the server if AFK for too long if there are a lot of players on the server.

Changes to Vanilla

Feature Change
Torches Torches will burn out after 1 hour of being placed. Additionally they will break if they are rained or snowed on and cannot be placed whilst it is raining/snowing.
Biome Temperature Biome, time, weather and height all contribute to the temperature of the area you are in which affects your hunger drain based on how extreme the conditions are. Custom environmental armour sets can be crafted to protect you from extreme heat or cold conditions. See the Custom Recipes under NoirRPG for how to craft them.
Mobs Mobs are not what they used to be. They level up and gain additional health and damage stats. The further away from spawn you get, the harder the mobs get. So venture out at your own risk and consider setting up nearby to begin with. Pay extra attention to landmark areas as the mobs that live there may be special…
AI Behaviour Zombies no longer track villagers and mobs from a spawner have their AI removed. These are 2 major causes of server lag and have been disabled to ensure we don’t run into any issues. We may change these settings if we think the server can handle it with the player base.
Gold and Chain Armour Gold Armour now has 30% increased durability from Iron. Chain can now be crafted (See custom recipes) and has 70% increased durability from Iron. This gives players 5 different armour sets to utilise whilst leveling up.
??????? Restricted to VIP Kickstarter members.

The NoirRPG XP System

Overall Level

Players start out at level 1. The maximum level is 50. Performing virtually any action in the world such as mining a block or crafting something will earn you XP (Experience Points). Each block or action available in the game are split into different “professions” which are covered just below however, earning any XP towards a profession also earns you XP towards your overall level. So you level up overall by performing profession tasks and the XP earned for those tasks will go towards both your profession and overall level. Simple example is you could spend your entire time on MC doing nothing but mine. You would eventually be level 50 in mining and your overall level but the rest of your profession levels will still be level 1.

Overall Level Req. Advancement Unlock
0-10 Leather Armour & Wooden Tools/Weapons.
10-19 Leather Armour & Stone Tools/Weapons.
20-29 Iron Armour & Iron Tools/Weapons.
30-39 Gold Armour & Gold Tools/Weapons.
40-44 Chain Armour & Gold Tools/Weapons.
45+ Diamond Armour & Diamond Tools/Weapons.


Below is a list of all the available professions that you can specialise in (or all of them if you are crazy). Click any of them below to display a list of all items/blocks that belong to that specific profession. If the value is 0 it means there is no level requirement.

You will automatically be assigned a “primary” profession based on which profession you have the most XP in each time you log into the server. This will colour your name in chat as a simple way of letting others know your specialty for trading purposes.

Custom Recipes

Snow Armour

Snow Armour

Desert Armour

Desert Armour

Chain Helmet

Chain Helmet

Chain Chest

Chain Chest

Chain Pants

Chain Pants

Chain Boots

Chain Boots

Horse Armour

Diamond Horse Armour

Horse Armour

Gold Horse Armour

Horse Armour

Iron Horse Armour



Name Tag

Name Tag

Command Reference

Command Usage
/noir level View your current overall level and the remaining XP required towards the next overall level.
/noir level top View the top 10 players with the highest overall level on the server.
/noir class <Profession> E.g. /noir class mining = Will display your mining level and the remaining XP required towards the next mining level.
/noir class <Profession> top E.g. /noir class mining top = Will display the top 10 players with the highest mining level on the server.
/noir show Enables “Verbose mode”. The XP you gain from doing an action will be displayed in chat. This is useful when you want to explore different methods of leveling and saves you having to spam /noir level to check how much XP an action gave you.
/noir hide Disabled “Verbose mode”. See above.
/noir convert This will convert any non-RPG tagged item in your inventory into a tagged one. This is useful for tidying up dirty stacks if you’re planning on selling etc.

Upcoming Features

After launch we will work on creating a perk system that will integrate into the NoirRPG system that rewards players for reaching certain levels either Overall or profession-specific.

Protecting your land

Your first claim

The quickest way to get some basic protection when you first start is to justs place a chest down and a small claim (using a starting balance of claim granted) will be created around it.

Creating / Editing a claim

Equip a wooden shovel, right-click a block which represents a corner of the claim you wish to create, then go and right-click another block whilst still holding the shovel. If you have enough claim blocks available, the claim will successfully be created and the border will appear to help you visualise the boundaries. Keep in mind these boundary blocks are not real and will automatically disappear after a few seconds. If you want to resize your claim, simply ensure the wooden shovel is equipped, right-click an existing corner and right-click where you want the new corner to be and the claim will resize.

Command Alias Usage
/ClaimsList Lists a player’s claims and claim block details.
/GPHelp Opens the help menu.

For a visual demonstration of how to use GriefPrevention, please watch the short video from the creator of the plugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsjXB-BaE0

Inspecting a claim

Equip a wooden stick and right-click the ground. If you are looking at a block that belongs to a claim, the boundary of that claim will appear. The inspection stick will also show any sub-divisions created inside that claim (See sub-divisions below).

Deleting your claim

Command Alias Usage
/AbandonClaim Deletes the claim you’re standing in.
/AbandonAllClaims Regardless of where you are standing, this will remove all of your existing claims and return the claims blocks to your balance.

Buying / Selling your claim blocks

Command Alias Usage
/BuyClaimBlocks /BuyClaim E.g. /buyclaim 200 will purchase 200 claim blocks in exchange for $200 removed from your /balance.
/SellClaimBlocks /SellClaim E.g. /sellclaim 200 will sell 200 claim blocks in exchange for $200 deposited into your /balance.

Claim Permissions

Command Alias Usage
/Trust /t Gives another player permission to edit in your claim. E.g. /trust darkorder9011 or /trust all to add everyone.
/UnTrust /ut Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim. E.g. /untrust darkorder9011 or /untrust all to remove everyone.
/AccessTrust /at Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust /ct Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/PermissionTrust /pt Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/TrustList Lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.

Sub-dividing your Claim

Command Alias Usage
/SubdivideClaims /sc Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
/BasicClaims /bc Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.

For a visual demonstration on how to sub-divide to create a town, please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3FLCFam5LI

The Economy


Like previous maps, we tie all items in the game against a currency that players can use to buy/sell with each other. We experimented with having a physical-based currency (Gold) but unfortunately this allows players to literally “print” money and this creates inflation issues. Tackling hyper-inflation has been a huge part of every map which ultimately resulted in banning grinders, RS contraptions and even blocking vanilla game play mechanics in attempts to “save” the economy but ultimately it’s a fools errand and there will always be something that ruins it. So we’ve taken the opposite approach this time. We don’t want to ban or block any vanilla MC experience and find a smarter way to manage our economy. Enter “the injection” below.

The injection

Players have access to /spawn which will take them to a “Server shop” which will allow players to sell a wide range of items in the game for a set price. The shop will close on 03/12/18 at 11:59pm. Once closed, there will be a finite amount of money in the economy. This allows us to take a player average and control the inflation by inserting sinks or additional injections so that the average always goes back to that first average. Obviously we don’t want a stable and boring economy so things will be happening that either add a lot of money or removes it. It’s up to players to take advantage of how the economy changes and use their own smarts to make their riches. Your opportunities are only limited by your own ideas.


Command Usage
/bal View your current balance.
/baltop View the top 10 players with the highest account balances.
/pay <Player> <Amount> E.g. /pay darkorder9011 1000 = Will deduct $1000 from your account and send it to my account. Always be sure to use the players full name when sending money to avoid sending it to another player with a similar name.
/givepet <Player> Whilst looking at a tamed pet, typing /givepet <Player> will transfer the ownership from you to the new player. This allows you to conduct a trade/sale in exchange for pets/horses etc.

Creating a Trade Sign

Currently Disabled

Hiring a Shopkeeper

Coming shortly…

Auctions (The future)

In the near future after the initial launch and players are getting settled in the world and the economy is thriving from rich trade between players, real-life items will auctioned off on the website which players can bid on using their in-game balance. So if you find yourself with some spare cash and you really like the look of the merchandise on auction, you might score yourself an awesome prize for money you made from just playing the game! There will be no hidden fees involved in this process and will be open to all players with plenty of warning given to ensure all players have a chance to attend the “auction” and make their bid. All costs including postage are covered and the winning bid amount will be deducted from your account upon winning the auction.

Fighting other players (PVP)

Open-world PVP

PVP is enabled by default but we learned some great lessons from the last time we attempted this feature and have created a more balanced system that provided both incentive and protection for all players so if you’re more of a PvE player, don’t worry, this system isn’t going to ruin your playing experience. By default, PVP is enabled in any non-claimed area on all worlds. If you are standing inside a claim, you cannot be harmed. If you are killed from PVP, your items, XP and armour durability are all safe. You can also use /back and you’ll have a PVP protection buff for 30 seconds preventing anyone from attacking you (You will be unable to attack either). You will be unable to use /back again if you die to PVP again twice or more within 5 minutes of the first death. This is to prevent exploitation.

Crime Marks

If you kill another player, you will earn a “Crime Mark”. If you earn 5, you will be sent to trial (see the trial system section below). You will go to trial for every 5 additional Crime Marks that you obtain. If found guilty each time, your time spent in jail will increase each time you serve your sentence. After launch there will be incentives for players to risk going to trial along with zones that either disable PVP “Law Zone” or won’t cause Crime Marks upon killing someone “Lawless zones”. The idea is high risk, high reward.

Command Usage
/crime View how many Crime Marks you currently have.
/crime top View the top 10 players with the highest amount of Crime Marks.

Pirates, Guilds and Sieges (The Future)

After launch, 3 major additional features will be added. Firstly, players with over 50 Crime Marks (may change) will become a “pirate” and will be outcast to Pirate Island which will bring new interactions for players that decide to take on the law. A simplified version of the previous “Noir” Guilds system will be implemented. This will allow players to band together. The major perk of being in a guild is to disable team-killing so you won’t accidentally attack your friends in a fight! Built on top of the Guild system will be open-world sieges. Guilds will compete to take ownership of major landmarks in the world. Guilds will be competing for real-world prizes for successfully attacking or defending their landmark during a siege which will be scheduled every month!

Law and Order – The trial system

Going to trial

So you just killed another 5 people and you’re on trial for not being a law-abiding citizen. Well you will have to sit patiently until your trial hearing begins where the server will vote your fate. Whilst you are on trial, you will have a short window of opportunity to plead your case and convince the server why you deserve to be set free (Hope you have bribe cookies). In the future, more game play mechanics will be added so players will find themselves on trial for actions beyond just killing people.


If a player is on trial and you are online; going on about your business when it pops up, you can vote either /innocent or /guilty and the verdict will be based on decision with the most votes among all the players currently online who voted.

Verdict: Guilty

If you are found guilty, you will go to jail and spend X amount of time there to serve out your sentence. Your sentence as explained previously, will increase each time you find yourself back in jail.

Verdict: Innocent

If you are found innocent, you get to walk away from the trial a free man and you’ll also have -5 crime points deducted from your total amount.

Admin Trial

On a slightly more important note. If a player is found of breaking the peace such as exploiting or harassment, a “admin trial” is actioned. It’s the same as other trials except you will have the power to /kick or even /ban that player. This is your server, you are in control of who is allowed to stay or not if they break the rules. This is a major part of our admin-free approach in this server to prevent abuse or having a different outcome based on which “admin” deals with you. If you break the rules and are not sincere about it, you can expect the community to be less than forgiving! You are welcome to appeal on the Facebook and a poll will be called.

Planned features

Item Regrading

No RPG is complete without RPG items. A complex but easy to use “regrade” system is in the works that will allow players to work towards attempting to improve their tools/weapons/armour etc by regrading it to increase their dmg/durability/efficiency etc.

RPG Fishing

Let’s face it, fishing is great and the latest version of MC has made oceans a lot more interesting however we want to really make this favourite past-time a more engaging and in-depth experience. More on this after launch.


As part of the sink/injection mechanics of the economy, there will be limited-time available quest NPC’s that appear in the world and will be announced for players to capitalise as they see fit.